Go Team Tweed!

chris tweed wealth

On Friday 24th September Team Tweed set off to Inverness.

We split up over two teams, Team 1 challenging themselves to climb Ben Alligin and Team 2 challenging themselves to a 10-mile Canal walk!

Team 1 set off early doors and were hit with an extremely steep climb from the get-go, with rocky paths and cold, wet weather, it really was going to be a struggle! However, the Team kept going and pushed through to the top! Once they reached the top however, they couldn’t see a thing in sight as the fog clouded all the surroundings! Nevertheless, the team trooped on through and completed their challenge!! When they returned, they celebrated, even with the extremely sore legs, back and feet.

After a couple of hours of extra sleep to keep them going Team 2 commenced their 10-mile walk! What they thought would be slightly easier, also turned out to be quite the challenge! However, the guys kept their legs going and managed to reach the finish line!!

Team Tweed really are great sports, completing challenges every year for the St. James’s Place Foundation. With matching the team managed to raise an amazing £2,000 and we would like to thank everyone who donated! Your donations help support children and young people who have special needs. Sometimes through illness, disability or mental health problems and also support those who are disadvantaged in other ways. The Charitable Foundation also supports the Hospice Movement and people of all ages with cancer.

I wonder what we will achieve in 2022…